Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Common Sense

I just finished reading "Glenn Beck's Common Sense - The Case Against An Out-Of-Control Government". In it Glenn Beck puts forward a compelling argument for fiscal responsibility and for taking political action against big government. Except for a minor comment about the effects of war on the economy Mr. Beck seems to ignore Thomas Paine, who he claims as the inspiration for his book, who said...

"War involves in its progress such a train of unforeseen and unsupposed circumstances that no human wisdom can calculate the end. It has but one thing certain, and that is to increase taxes." -Thomas Paine, Prospects on the Rubicon, 1787

For each dollar of federal income tax we paid in 2009, the government spent about:

33¢ Pentagon for current and past wars
26¢ Supporting the Economy ie: Bailouts
17¢ Health Care
11¢ Responding to Poverty
9¢ General Government
2¢ Energy, Science and Environment
1¢ Jobs
1¢ Diplomacy, Development and War Prevention

Source: FCNL (calculations based on estimated expenditures reported by the White House Office of Management and Budget. This analysis covers the $3,184,888 million “federal fund” budget, which is the spending supported by income taxes, estate taxes and other general revenues. Not included are trust funds, such as Social Security, medicare, which are supported by dedicated revenues.)

"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also" ~JESUS, Matthew 6:21

Peace, Love, and Light!
Kevin (Cloud)

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