Sunday, April 27, 2008

Earth Day

Yesterday I took our little one to a local Earth Day event, we wore our new Rainforest Cafe shirts that we picked up last week during our trip to Disneyland. Here is my new tie-died shirt, I received many comments about it and that allowed me to give away some Seeds cd's that Scott at Street Level was so kind to send my way.

Members of an interfaith group had a booth promoting ideas on how to "Green Your Church" The flyer that they were handing out had a lot of good common sense tips on conserving energy that local churches could use to help reduce their impact on the environment.

The ultimate way to "green" a church is to not have a building at all and use our homes to meet in. This would not only reduce the impact that a large building has on the environment, it would also free up financial resources for ministry. For more info on simple church check out an excellent book by Robert Fitts The Church in the House a Return to Simplicity.

Peace, Love, and Light through Jesus the Christ!
Kevin (Cloud)


Pug42 said...

an interesting concept bro, no churches but having fellowship or church at our houses. Who would preach at each of the houses?

Hippie Christian said...

Good to hear from you again!

The short answer to your question is the Holy Spirit will lead, teach, and guide.

There is so much that could be said here about the who, what, where, when, why, and how of house / simple church... but there isn't enough space or time. Please check out my
Gathered In His Name website and the many helpful links there.

The online version of Robert Fitts book THE CHURCH IN THE HOUSE - A Return to Simplicity is one of many great book out there on this subject. I have personnally met Mr. Fitts, he has an amazing vision for the spread of the Gosple. If you only read chapters 7 & 10 of his online book that I linked to you will get a pretty good idea of how a house church works.

Peace Bro!