Sunday, August 07, 2005

Church is not in the Bible

Our small gathering has been looking into the word "church" and what it means to gather in Jesus' name. My friend Richard is doing research on the word church for a paper he is writing titled "The Church Christ Built - A study Of The Word Church". He is not quite finished yet but what he has found so far is quite interesting, his research has found that the word "church" is not in the Bible. Ok, don't pick up the rocks to start stoning the blasphemer just yet. True our English translations have the word "church" in several places, but based on the original Greek language of the New Testament the word rendered as "church" and our English word church are not related at all. Richard states that "In tracing the word “church” back to its earliest recorded occurrence, we learn it came from a Greek word meaning “of the Lord” (kyriakon). The earliest written record of kyriakon was more than two hundred years after Jesus and the twelve (apostles) died. People used it of the building in which Christians met for corporate worship, kyriakon doma or house of the Lord."

Here is a link to Richard's blog about "church" What is wrong with "church"? - Check it out.

Peace, Love, and Light through Jesus the Christ!
Kevin (Cloud)

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Herobill said...

Very interesting blog! Thanks, brother, for posting. I'm looking forward to reading more here.

I've saved a link to your article so I can peruse it in depth. I remember reading (Oxford English Dictionary, maybe) that "Church" came from a Dutch word, (Kyurk?) but I never thought further back than that. Your research is very intriguing so far, indeed.

I happened to study Greek at LSU, so it was secular ancient greek. Whever I do word-study, I start with the Liddell-Scott Lexicon, from Oxford University... I much prefer the secular translation over wondering what 'interpretation' the 'christian' lexicons have superimposed onto the words.

More later, maybe...