Saturday, April 15, 2017

Forty Years and All I Got Was This Piece of Paper!

I haven’t posted much over the past three years. I have been working on completing a long time goal that consumed all of my free time. It was one of those things that started out as a path to a career but after so many years it became a bucket-list item – I just “needed” to finish this!

Forty years ago I graduated from High School and began studying at the local community college. My major at that time was Social Science with the ultimate goal of graduating from seminary and entering the Ministry, well as they say “life happens”. Now after many stops and starts, three different colleges, and a few program changes, I am able to announce (and not without some level embarrassment due to the extended time that it took to complete it) I have finally earned my Associates Degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences with a concentration in Human Services. Did I mention that I had a G.P.A. of 3.59 and graduated with Honors?

I don’t have any plans right now to start working on my B.A. and my youthful goal of entering the Ministry has also morphed - mostly because my evolving views on traditional forms of Church prevent me from accepting a position as a paid minister, but that is another series blog posts that is found here Simple Church.

I want to thank my loving and supportive wife for putting up with me, especially during the past three years that I was working so diligently to complete my Degree, I love her so much!

My current goals involve attending to some long neglected home repairs, going on vacation with the family, and getting back to promoting the Hippie Christian Way.

Peace, Love and Light!
Kevin (Cloud)


Nancy Springer said...

Kevin ~ Congratulations for never giving up. You continue to be an inspiration to your family and friends. Never give up and growing...or as you put it "Morphing" hahahaaaa
The love you share with your beautiful wife Diane is a love story that even Hollywood is jealous of! Thank you for being so honourable, trustworthy and humble. God bless you with your "bucket list" goals. May you have so many to experience that you live a long long loooooooong time!!!

Hippie Christian said...

Thanks Nancy, you are too kind... but that is just your way!

Peace, Love & Light,