Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Alice's Restaurant Anti-Massacre Movement

Thursday I will listen to Arlo Guthrie sing Alice's Restaurant again, all 18+ minuets of it, just as I have done for thirty or forty Thanksgivings.

But why is Alice's Restaurant so important to me? While recalling youthful memories and singing along with anti-war, anti-draft protest songs can be fun, Alice's Restaurant remains relevant to me for much deeper reasons. It is because the anti-war movement is still an important part of who I am.

Here it is thirty-seven years after getting my draft card during the last round of the Vietnam "draft lottery" and I am still preaching peace while wars continue to rage and our young men are still dieing on foreign soil.

That is why Alice's Restaurant remains so important to me. As long as our nation continues to send young men off to war I will be part of the anti-war movement.

Here is a video from Farm Aid 2005 of Arlo Guthrie singing Alice's Restaurant:

Peace, Love, and Light!
Kevin (Cloud)


D.M. said...

That song was quite comical-though it had a serious message! Sounds like Thanksgiving at your place is going to be alot more fun than the stereotypical "eat a turkey dinner and then do nothing but watch football all afternoon"! (can you tell I'm not into football?)No offenses meant! ;D

Hippie Christian said...

Not a big football fan either. It just isn't Thanksgiving without Arlo.

D.M. said...