Saturday, February 04, 2006

Meth Madness

There is a local tabloid distributed for free here in paradise that has a history of being quite a bit left of center on most issues. This week's cover story may have pushed them off the charts this time. The local rag did a piece on methamphetamine, but for some reason they made the editorial decision to publish the recipe along with step-by-step instructions to produce meth. True, this info most likely is available on the internet, but what an reckless and irresponsible thing to do!

Why would this widely read tabloid publish in great detail the steps of meth production? Their sister publication in the next county also has a cover story on the same subject that is much more informative about the dangers of meth use and a much better use of paper and ink!

Meth is no light subject for me. This wasn't a recipe for Alice B. Tokeless brownies, this is a recipe for the poison that is killing members of my family! I have seen this drug slowly destroy my loved ones and they have the nerve to publish the recipe with only a tongue and cheek caveat about the dangers of meth use. What were they thinking? I have to wonder how many of their advertisers are rethinking their contracts with this popular tabloid?

I sent the reporter and her editor an e-mail in hopes that they would correct this grave misuse of their position in our community as a source of news and information by publishing a series of articles to raise awareness about the dangers of meth use. I have not received any response yet.

The local news talk radio program has spent the last two days taking calls from outraged listeners throughout the county, boy are there a lot of pissed-off folks out there!

You should check out the Mothers Against Methamphetamine web site at for the truth about meth from a medical doctor who lost her brother to this dangerous drug.

Peace, Love, and Light through Jesus the Christ!
Kevin (Cloud)


Hippie Christian said...

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Bar Bar A said Hi Kevin...

I am appalled by the article you referred to. I have been watching meth destroying a girl I love dearly,in fact today is her 21st birthday, she's been addicted for two years.

I think its the worst drug out there.

Great blog - I'll be back!

Hippie Christian said...

Thanks Barbara for your comments, sorry that you were unable to post to it directly... I moved it here today after I noticed the the original post was gone all together. I don't know how the whole thing vanished - I haven't even loged into Blogger for a least a week. Thanks to Google I was able to find a cached version of it and copy it back into my blog.

I pray that your friend is set free from meth and gets her life back!

Peace & Love!

Mits said...


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