Monday, April 25, 2005

Earth Day Spiritual Discussion

Saturday was the local Earth Day Celebration. Every year ECOSLO hosts an environmental fair on the Saturday closest to Earth Day and as usual it draws folks with a concern for "Mother Earth".

As one would expect many of those folks have a perspective on life that could be called "alternative" or "New Age". A broad spectrum of spirituality was represented and my goal in attending this year's event was to find someone open to discuss issues of faith.

I walked around the fair checking out the vibe and hoping to find a place to sit down while I waited for the Holy Spirit to lead me to someone. My eyes fell upon a hand lettered sign which read "Spiritual Discussion" - Ok, it is one thing to ask the Father for a sign, it is another thing for him to take me literally!

Gathered in a circle on blankets and tie-dye was as diverse a group of eleven people as one could imagine. It would be hard to label those in the group and I am sure they wouldn't appreciate it too much either. I sat down as the twelfth member just before the discussion was to begin. We had just enough time for some warm and friendly greetings.

Some ground rules for the discussion were laid out and what followed for the next hour or so was the most incredible forum of opinions and ideas about spirituality and religion that I have ever been involved with. Though I heard thoughts expressed that many could agree with and some that could have started very strong arguments there remained a constant level of respect for one another and their views.

This type of forum is a great place to develop dialogue with others that one would other wise not have the opportunity to encounter. I am looking forward to future forums with these wonderful and very spiritual folks. Perhaps some long term friendships will develop and hopefully a deeper understanding of who Jesus is apart from the rhetoric and hype that so many have been exposed to which clouds the truth about Him.

Peace, Love, and Light through Jesus the Christ!
Kevin (Cloud)